Restaurants and Bars

A special pride of the hotel AllianceGreenwoodHotel autorestore. Menu of European cuisine consists of the well known dishes, but each of them prepared here especially. Each masterpiece can feel the effort of the team of cooks and the participation of the Chef. Specials change each other, and each time no one remains indifferent from the fine cuisine of the hotel. It is worth noting that the restaurant is a bakery-pastry shop, where baked a large variety of special desserts, and other baked goods, which we offer You is always fresh.Lobby to baboushnitsa with friends, try the homemade desserts and local pastries and spend the evening in several lounge areas on the ground floor of the hotel. Comfortable sofas, surrounded by paintings and statues, flowers and courteous staff is here you can enjoy cocktails, coffee or tea, alcoholic beverages and desserts. Near located lobby bar is always at your service.

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