Conference services

Hall Grand Free placing of tables and chairs makes hall versatile and allows you to organize any type of Seating for the needs of the customer. The maximum Seating capacity in Theatre-style Seating 200 people can hold in the plenary room. A large hall area of 170 square meters enables the development of multi-sectional areas and the sections (briefings, negotiations) on the principle of "carousel". Hall is equipped with a stationary screen (h cm), projector, air conditioning, PA system, ideal for conferences, seminars, trainings. In the hall it is possible to organize banquets for up to 100 people and receptions for up to 160 people.Small hall for lectures, seminars, sessions, and roundtables. Maximum capacity in theatre-style Seating for 50 people. The hall is equipped with a portable screen (h cm), air-conditioning system. It is possible to organize banquets and buffets for up to 25-35 people Negotiating contenebrescat hall for 15-25 people for talks, seminars, round tables and sections. Portable screen (h cm), air-conditioning system.

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